Liberty Village: The Delhi market flea with fashion starting at Rs 150

It’s time to forget Sarojini, because Champa Gali’s Liberty Village is taking over everything. This artsy flea market has a number of stuff for art and fashion lovers from clothes to wall arts and essential oils. It has shoes, bags, stationery and everything that you would love. No, you don’t need to worry about the budget, it is pocket friendly and things start from just Rs. 150.

Liberty Village flea market delhi

Liberty Village: Sections

It is better not to rush about venues but Liberty Village is something you should definitely get into. This roofed cafe with AC has all the things that you need and keeps the heat in control. This place has various sections, one for baubles, one for stationery and decor. For heels and apparel lovers, this place seems to be a bliss.

Liberty Village Clothes

The lowest of all the things start at Rs 150 ranging from outfits to shoes collected from designers. T-shirt and dresses ranging from Rs 399 and 500, you will have a number of things. You will see a number of PJs, clothes, boho tops, denim skirts, jeans and dresses. This shop is something you can rely on for your last minute party.

Liberty Village Champa Gali Delhi

Liberty Village: Stationery and Shoes

Every kind of shoes from heels to stilettos, you can find them all at INR 399. In the stationery section, you will find a number of wall clocks, mugs, wall plates, pen stands and notepads all of starting it from INR 130.

Liberty Village Essential oils

In the essential oils section, you will have those sweet smelling aroma with a number of scented bottles. You will go down the memory lane of nostalgia with different visuals and foods which will flavour up your taste buds.

Thus, this place is a heaven for shopping lovers.

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