What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 – Anoop Desai, American Idol Finalist Joins the Series

Exclusive! What We Do in the Shadows has been renewed for the fifth and sixth seasons! What We Do in the Shadows Season 4 is all set to premiere on 12 July. And not only that, but Anoop Desai, American Idol Season 8 finalist, joined the series as a major recurring character. Desai, who finished in sixth place on the beloved reality competition series back in 2009, will appear in at least six episodes out of 10 of the new season of What We Do in the Shadows.

Anoop Desai was first seen on TV back in 2009 on the American Idol season 8. He debuted acting in the 2020 episode of Billions. Besides, he also appeared on Russian doll and Little Voice shows. However, What We Do in the shadows will be his first show where he plays such a major role.

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As for Anoop Desai, he will be playing an acquaintance of Nandor’s from his ancestral homeland. Even though not much is revealed about his character just yet, we’re sure that Desai will bring his trademark charm and charisma to the role.

How the Season 3 for What We Do in the Shadows Ended?

What We Do in the Shadows season 3 ended with a bang – literally. The season 3 finale saw our favorite vampires finally competing against their nemesis, the vampire hunters. While the battle was epic, it also had a very tragic ending, with Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), Guillermo (Harvey Guillen), and Nandor (Kavyan Novak) leaving the vampire home in Staten Island. However, Laszlo (Matt Berry) remains in Staten Island to take care of Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), newly reborn.

This leaves us wondering what will happen in season 4. Will the vampires be back together? And what will the vampire hunters do next?

Get ready to see what this season of What We Do in the Shadows has in store for us!

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