Watch Steven Weber Back in Chicago Med Season 8

Chicago Med is a popular series that had seven seasons previously, and the eighth season is all set to go on air.

Chicago Med season 8 Release Date

The exact premiere date is not yet revealed by NCB. We can expect the 8th season to go on air by the end of 2022.

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The Cast of Chicago Med Season 8

  • Will Halstead – This role is performed by Nick Gehlfuss
  • April Sexton, the Emergency Department Nurse, will be played by Yaya DaCosta
  • Crockett Marcel will be played by Dominic Rains
  • Sabeen Viani, played by Tehmina Sunny
  • Natalie Manning would be portrayed by Torrey Devitt
  • MCDR Dr. Ethan Choi would be played by Brian Tee
  • Sylvie Brett will have been played by Kara Killmer
  • Maggie Campbell would be played by Marlyne Barrett
  • Sharon Goodwin would be played by S. Epatha Merkerson
  • Daniel Charles is going to be played by Oliver Platt

Steven returning in Season 8

In the 8th season of NBC medical drama Chicago Med, audiences will be able to see Steven Weber. Yes, he will be a part of this series in the 8th season. Weber portrays the role of Dr. Dean Archer in the series who entered in the 6th season. In the 7th season, the audience got more familiar with the role, and the team had done a great job with Dean’s character development.

Chicago Med offers an experience to the audience that is filled with drama, emotions, and many other feelings revolving around the city’s newest state-of-the-art trauma center. Here are the stories of courageous doctors, nurses, and staff who work together to hold it strong. Weber is playing the role of the current head of the E.D. Not only that, but his presence as that character and the character itself adds something special to the show. Dr. Archer is a former Naval surgeon struggling with PTSD and has a unique point of view that can touch the core of the audience. His way of thinking often adds some quality drama to the show.

Storyline of Chicago Med 

This medical drama series revolves around the city’s newly made state of art trauma center. The health center has professional and experienced doctors, nurses, and staff, but those have their own stories and trauma. The equation between them and their way of thinking is all that makes this series something extraordinary. It includes rat racing, insecurities, and traumatizing stories of the past. The series is very popular among audiences for obvious reasons.

Audiences are eagerly waiting for the 8th season of this series after the amazing finale of the 7th. We can say that season 8 is going to be more happening and will give the audience a ride on the emotional roller coaster.

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