The Voice Instant Save, all Eliminations So Far and Top 13 Contestants

“The Voice” has revealed its top 13 finalists who are heading into next week’s performance for the live show. The Tuesday episode, November 9, 2021, was exciting and at the same time, viewers voted to save eight contestants, two from each team. Moreover, the coaches also choose the one contestant to perform in the next live episode from their team. 

We have got all the details for the eliminated contestant and the top 13 finalists of the “The Voice”.  

Carson Daly is hosting the show with four teams i.e., Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton team.

In Team Kelly, girls named Tom and Jeremy Rosado were safe who got a maximum number of votes. The other participants of her team were Katie Rae, Gymani, and Hailey Mia. Kelly decided to save Gymani.

Secondly, the stage was taken by team Legend. Jershika Maple and Joshua Vacanti were announced to be safe by earning most of the votes. The remaining artists of his team were Samuel Harness, David Vogel, and Shadale. John saved Shadale.

In team Ariana, America saved three contestants i.e. Jim, Sasha, and Holley Forbes. The other artists of his team were Bella DeNapoli, Raquel Trinidad, and Ryleigh Plank. She chooses Ryleigh Plank over others to proceed further in “The Voice”.

Lastly, team Blake took the stage and revealed the two artist name i.e., Wendy Moten and Paris Winninghan, who took most of the votes. After, Blake chooses Lana Scott.

Who were the Wildcard Instant Save Contestants?

The Wildcard Instant save contestants were those who earned a maximum number of votes on each team.

  • For team Kelly, Hailey Mia got maximum votes and Katie Rae was eliminated.
  • For team Legend, the instant saver was Samuel Harness, and David Vogel was eliminated.
  • In team Ariana, Bella DeNapoli remained in the show and Raquel Trinidad was eliminated.
  • For team Blake, Peedy got maximum votes and LiBianca was eliminated. Additionally, Vaughn Mugol was selected as the Comeback artist means this team has one extra member.

All the wildcard contestants performed and set the stage on fire with their performances but the winner of the Wildcard Instant Save was Hailey Mia from team Kelly.

Who was Eliminated from “The Voice” and who made the Battle?

Below are team breakdowns of who made the battle and proceed for further performance:

  • Team Kelly: Tom, Jeremy Rosado, Gymani, and Hailey Mia
  • Team Legend: Shadale, Jershika Maple, and Joshu Vacanti
  • Team Blake: Wendy Moten, Paris Winningham, and Lana Scott
  • Team Ariana: Jim and Sasha Allen, Holly Forbes, and Ryleigh Plank

The Contestants who got Eliminated

  • Team Kelly: Katie Rae
  • Team Legend: David Vogel, Samuel Harness (wildcard performer)
  • Team Ariana: Raquel Trinidad, Bella DeNapoli (wildcard performer), Vaugh Mughol (comeback contestant, wildcard performer)
  • Team Blake: LiBianca and Peedy Chavis (Wildcard performer)

Stay tuned to know which team of artists won the battle!

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