Rapiniamo il Duce – The Italian Movie on NetFlix as ‘Robbing Mussolini’: Stream it or Skip it?

‘Rapiniamo il Duce’, the Italian movie, is available as ‘Robbing Mussolini’ on Netflix with English subtitles. It premiered on the OTT platform on October 26 and is available on Netflix for the audience to stream live.

Pietro Castellitto plays the lead role of Isola, who is a wartime weapon thief and wants to rob the treasure of Italian fascist ruler Benito Mussolini with the help of his team of misfits. The movie is written and directed by Renato De Maria.

Robbing Mussolini Plot

Isola is the son of a resistance who was martyred and is raised on the belief that thieves survive better than heroes. When he is about to make a deal in automatic weapons, he is interrupted by the fascists through a raid. He now brings together a team and plans to rob a treasure of Mussolini that is being moved to Switzerland. The heist is almost impossible, but he still wants to put everything at stake and go ahead with the plan.

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The Cast

Besides Pietro Castellitto, the other cast of the movie include,

  • Tommaso Ragno as Marcello
  • Matilde De Angelis as Yvonne
  • Marcello Macchia as Giovanni Fabbri
  • Alberto Astorri as Molotov
  • Filippo Timi as Borsalino
  • Isabella Ferrari as Nora Cavalieri
  • Coco Rebecca Edogamhe as Hessa

Our Thoughts

‘Robbig Mussolini’ is an hour and a half movie that has an intriguing plot despite failing at execution. Despite being a heist flick, it lacks the captivating element and depends on tried and tested ways. The course of events chosen is plain and hence fails to fascinate.

The plot efforts to create a grandiose image of an almost impossible heist in the backdrop of World War II, which makes it incredibly predictable. This is one of the reasons the death of the trademark character fails to garner an empathetic response and evades the connection with the final reckoning.

The performance of the lead character is unconvincing and adds to the lackluster element of this heist flick. Audience will find Isola’s role to be diminishing along the ethical compass but he somehow manages to find a direction at the end.

Robbing Mussolini: Stream or Skip?

The story did have the elements to shine and create its mark with a seamless setup. However, the poorly gathered screenplay averts the movie from taking off, keeping the element of interest out of the audience’s reach. Yet, if you are someone who likes history and heists, then you can stream the movie on Netflix.

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