Pawandeep Rajan, the Winner of Indian Idol 2021?

The winner of Indian Idol 2021 is Pawandeep Rajan! The word has already reached to masses and we also believe that Pawandeep will be the winner of this seasons Indian Idol reality singing show.

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Why we think Pawandeep Rajan will be the winner

  • Pawandeep Rajan is a versatile singer and can sing tracks involving pitch of varied levels and yet be melodious.
  • He can play multiple instruments which has not been seen in any reality singing show ever.
  • He is a very polite and down to earth human being.
  • Respects the Judges and accepts his acknowledgements with gratitude.

Who else can be a Winner of Indian Idol 2021

Here is our top 3 of the Indian Idol 2021,

  • Pawandeep Rajan
  • Shanmukha Priya
  • Md. Danish

Let us know whose in your list of Top 3 Indian Idol Contestants.

6 thoughts on “Pawandeep Rajan, the Winner of Indian Idol 2021?

  1. We are surrching for Indian idol and ideol means international voice that’s only and only sanmukhpriya. she has versatile voice of india

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