Leverage: Redemption Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Where to Watch Online

Leverage: Redemption has set the audience’s expectations high with its extraordinary storyline. Fans were eagerly waiting for the wrap-up season of Leverage. 

It shows Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, and Beth Risegraf as a crew of high-tech thieves, who steal only from the corrupt. 

It has run almost for five seasons from 2008-2012 and after nine years, announced its climax episode. 

Keep scrolling to know more about the most awaited show of the year. 

Leverage: Redemption Season 2 Release Date 

The final season will be aired in 2022, but a final date is yet to be announced. 

Leverage: Redemption Season 2 Cast 

In the new season, most of the cast will return, including

  • Gina Bellman
  • Christian Kane
  • Aldis Hodge
  • Beth Risegraf

They will make a grand return with a unique set of skills adding to their team, which will spice up the drama. 

Being accused of sexual assault, Timothy Hutton’s Nate Ford will not return to the show and the makers have decided to change the storyline. Ford will be seen passed away a year before the new story begins. 

Besides, Noah Wyle and Aleyse Shannon will join the team in new characters i.e., Harry Wilson and Breanna Casey, respectively. In addition to them, some more characters will make their way in the Leverage: Redemption season that is Lucy Taylor, Brittany Chandler, and John Hans Tester. 

There will be some guest appearances of stars in the new season of Leverage: Redemption that includes James Marsters, LeVer Burton, Drew Powell, Andrea Navedo, Ben Thompson, Jon Fletcher, and Brianna Brown. 

What is Leverage: Redemption is all about?

The show will witness after one year of Ford passing away with all the crew members with new energy and skills. When Harry Wilson met a client who is involved in shady business, he went to his crew members for help, but before that, he has to convince Sophie, who has retired from the game. 

There is nothing new in the storyline, in place similar to the original plot. However, you will see the new characters with the unique power of skills to get over their enemies and flop the plans of villains. 

How to Watch Leverage: Redemption for Free?

The scenario of the TV industry and web series has changed. Earlier, we need a TV cable for watching the movie or series but now, to watch Leverage: Redemption, you just need an internet connection. 

IMDb TV is a free and ad-supported streaming service from the parent company Amazon. And, the most alluring part of using IMDb TV is its free services; the users only need to sign up for an IMDb account. After, you can take advantage of watching many series and movies that IMDb offers. 

The wait might be getting over in 2022 with the new episodes streaming on IMDb TV to watch. 

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