Gully Rowdy Full Movie Review, Cast, Release on OTT Platform

User’s rating4 / 5
Release Date17 September 2021
IMDb8.7 / 10

Gully Rowdy Cast and Crew Members

  • Sundeep Kishan
  • Neha Shetty
  • Bobby Simha
  • Rajendra Prasad
  • Vennela Kishore
  • Viva Harsha

The Crew members: G Nageshwara Reddy (Director and Screenplay), M.V.V Satyanarayana (Producer), SaiKarthik (Musician), Sujatha Siddharth (Cinematographer), Chota K. Prasad (Editor).

Gully Rowdy Review & Story

The film starts with Sundeep Kishan as Vashu who has been raised as a rowdy by his grandfather to gain his family’s lost reputation. The drama, surprises, and events kept the audience keep guessing the next move in the movie. Vashu’s faced a huge challenge when Rajendra Prasad, as Venkata Rao’s only land, has been snatched by local powerful goons. The plot of the story also folds some mystery where everyone was involved behind a piece of land, even Bobby Simha as Raghu Naik also plays a great role and takes the issue of the land seriously. Every character of the movie was hiding some secrets that get unwrapped later in the movie.The storyline is okay but the main characters were lost in the crowd of various characters like Sudeep Kishan the main lead actor offers nothing in the movie, just roaming around a piece of land and just highlighting the stardom.

As, the name of the movie Gully Rowdy, depicts a massive character with unique and unlimited action by the lead role, but the character of Vasu was somehow weak. After some time, the movie will look like an outdated vibe of drama. The movie has been stretched, which lacks freshness and looks like a movie from decades ago. However, if we keep the outdated storyline aside, the comic undertone and the star’s cast have made a great effort to entertain the audience. In the movie, multiple characters were created for the same purpose, but only a few were working. The silliness is avoidable, but the narrative style and star characters could have been gone better. However, the fun part of the story starts when it shifts to Rajendra Prasad and kidnapping drama. From here, some of the comedy and entertainment could be expected in the movie.

After the interval, it is worth hooking on the story and the story shifts towards a serious tone with the police character played by Bobby Simha. But, the worst move of the writer here is in the mid the suspense becomes predictable means it has not been stretched to the climax. The suspense and surprises fail to entertain the audience here and there is no reason to stay tuned to the story when every suspense gets unwrapped in the mid of the story.

Talking about Neha Shetty, she looks fine but was miscast in the movie with her sore thumb visualizing her weaknesses. The movie was a little bit comedy and entertainer due to the senior cast of Rajendra Prasad and the team. Bobby was also amazing with his serious character making us remind ourselves about his character as a villain in older movies. Vennela track’s lacks effort and was depicting like forced comedy in this movie. Viva Harsha and Poshana Krishna are alright. And other casts are okay.

Best parts of the Story

  • The story part of Rajendra Prasad and kidnap sequence is okay
  • Decent music and great photography has been done
  • The background score in music is fair
  • The cinematography by Sujatha was amazing

Drawbacks in the Movie

  • Stretching of comedy
  • Lack of freshness in the movie
  • One-time movie

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