Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Review, Cast, Release Date and Where to Watch

The nail-biting show “Doctor Who” has come on air on April 17th and fans can see the show on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, and BBC America.

Chris Chibnal is the writer of the upcoming plot of Doctor Who. The audience had quite the high expectations from this. According to the team, in the upcoming show of Doctor Who, fans will be able to see something unique that they haven’t seen before.

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Cast

The new season of Doctor Who have an interesting cast with all the main characters included. The cast of Dr Who: Legend of the Sea Devils is listed below.

  • Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor
  • Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan
  • John Bishop as Dan Lewis
  • Crystal Yu as Madame Ching

The Plot of Doctor Who: The Legend of the Sea Devils

In Legend of the Sea Devils, we can see that Doctor Yaz, and Dan take a trip to 19th century, China. There they meet pirate queen Madame Ching (Crystal Yu).

The Sea Devils are an advisory of the Doctor we haven’t seen since the 1984 Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) serial, “Warriors of the Deep”. They were first introduced in ‘The Third Doctor’ (Jon Pertwee) 1972 serial called “The Sea Devils” 

The title suggests that Doctor Who will try to reconcile the sea devils with the previous versions of Doctor. On the other hand, as the timeline has been changed a bit, we can expect to see a different objective of sea devils than we have seen before.

According to the official summary for Legend of the Sea Devils:

“In a swashbuckling special adventure, the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Yaz (Mandip Gill), and Dan (John Bishop) come face to fin with one of the Doctor’s oldest adversaries: the Sea Devils. Why has legendary pirate queen Madam Ching come searching for a lost treasure? What terrifying forces lurk beneath the oceans of the nineteenth century? And did Yaz really have to dress Dan up as a pirate?”

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Review 

Legend of the Sea Devils was made in the chaos of the pandemic, and this fact reflects in the storyline and screenplay somehow. Besides that, Doctor Who never had a huge television budget, and these limitations gets reflected in the show. Somehow, it couldn’t meet the expectations of fans. The cast members had to work in a totally restricted set as they had to shoot in the middle of a pandemic. We all have to agree that under Chibnall, the Doctor Who show got its global acknowledgment. The legends of the sea devils is clearly designed to continue that franchise. It is a periodic show that was set outside the United Kingdom, and that’s why we can compare it with Demons of Punjab. One thing should be mentioned here to justify the situation that the production team of Demons of Punjab did not have the restrictions of a pandemic situation and could fly whenever they needed to shoot their story and enhance the class of the show. On the other hand, it was clear that Legend of the Sea Devils was shot in the United Kingdom.

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This is built around a female figure, and this show clearly attempted to construct a hype about the East Asian adventure that revolves around the pirate queen Madame Ching. Though the intentions were quite understandable, the audience felt that the screenplay was very calculated to be true, and that’s why the audience sometimes failed to relate to the characters. It was a calculated attempt to play the Chibnall era. It also seems like Legend of the Sea Devils was created as a part of Chibnall’s hypothetical third season, transforming into Doctor Who: Flux. Doctor Who fans were able to understand the storyline just after a few minutes of the show.

Doctor Who: Legend of the Sea Devils Production

Coming to the visuals, it was clear that as the production team couldn’t shoot in several locations or had to complete the shooting in the middle of a  pandemic, in a restricted ambiance, they worked very hard on the post-production. Sometimes, the audience felt that the post-production work and the use of the green screen were too much, and it can be easily identified if someone has a close look.

So, we can say that the Legend of the Sea Devils tried its best to provide the audience with an entertaining and amazing storyline. But somehow, it didn’t meet the expectations of the audience.

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