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Planning to watch Cubicles Season 2 this weekend but want some quick review on the series? Well! Of course, no one wants to spoil their weekend watching something boring. Here is a quick review of Cubicles season 2. Is it worth watching or not?

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Good news! The second season of Cubicles is not a cliffhanger story of season 1, but it is a lateral expansion on the survival and struggles in IT firms. So, if you have missed the Cubicles season 1, don’t worry its story is not related to Season 2 anymore.

Cubicles Season 1 Story

In the first season, the story was focused on Piyush Prajapati’s (Abhishek Chauhan) journey as an individual into the world of IT and the jitters he was facing during his stay there. There he faced many challenges to pursue his career in the IT field. The second season of Cubicle also revolves around the same but this time with different fearfulness. Once again, Abhishek Chauhan shines, and his thrilling performance is just WOW.

Chaitanya Kumbhakonam directed the series with a greater constituency, and the tone is unique and subtle this time.

Cubicles Season 2 Review

In Cubicles season 2, makers have focused on internal IT space and start with Blues aptly but later shift to other IT sector concerns that are meeting deadlines, HR Reviews, and how difficult it is to face the cut-throat competition of the IT world. It’s a survival story based on the day-to-day basis of IT employees.

Many of you can relate your story to Cubicles Season 2. The final two episodes are quite interesting, whereas the first two episodes seem just twisting and turning the story. The whole story can be predicted after watching a couple of episodes.

Besides, the final two episodes bring a smile to your face and emotions in your heart like every famous TVF show nowadays does. In cubicles season 2, R Dilip’s final and motivational speech, RDX brings quality to the system and increases the positivity around the whole system.

Overall, Cubicles Season 2 brings a slow start with a high note-ending drama that many of you can relate to your day-to-day peer pressure and competition. But at last, the thing and system work on their way. You can’t change the IT world alone or challenge the system.

Good group chemistry is seen between Badri Chavan and Niketan Sharma with Abhishek Chauhan. Their views and team add a great story around the IT world. Nidhi Bisht and other supporting actors have minor roles from Cubicles Season 1 but add some freshness to the story. The rest of the actors have done nicely with their roles in the series.

Season 2 of Cubicles has some new faces that include Jamini Pathak and Ayushi Gupta, but sometimes they irritate the audience.

The Cubicles season 2 has an engaging story with neat acting, high writing score, and everything is fine.

How to Watch ‘The Cubicles Season 2’

For one time, it is quite entertaining, and you can watch the Season 2 of Cubicles on Sony Liv. It sounds strange when it comes to a streaming platform that directs only towards YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+Hotstar, but the cubicles season 2 is streaming on Sony Liv with its 5 episodes.

However, for watching the Cubicles Season 2, you have to take a subscription for the Sony Liv to enjoy all the episodes of the series.

The IMDb rated the series 6.5/10, which is a good score.

Stay tuned for all the latest releases reviews. Till then, keep watching!

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